When she was free, she wrote in her diary: my father is old, and I am old. I still remember that I once hated him, but every time I saw him have more white hair, I couldn't help thinking, which one is white because I miss this daughter who is not around me? 32 years old My brother also went to university, and there was less farmland in his family. After autumn, my father called and said he would come to the city to see her and her little grandson. Her husband went on a business trip and she was at home alone. It was supposed to be the morning car, but by noon, my father had not come. She put her child in the neighborhood and went to the station to meet her father. I just got to the station and heard that a taxi knocked down a countryman. She was shocked. She ran to the place where the accident happened. Tears came out involuntarily. She ran there crying. She saw a group of people around her. She rushed into the crowd recklessly. There was a countryman in front of the taxi, bargaining with the driver there. Seeing her crying and squeezing in, the driver and the countryman were stunned. She cried and laughed. Everyone saw her joke and said, "what's wrong with this woman?" She could not help but squeeze out the crowd and saw her father on one side. "Dad, what's the matter with you? Are you ok? " She wiped the tears on her face.